Website Development

Using a range of tools including PHP frameworks and CMS

Get your website built from scratch or redevelop an existing site, with a huge range of templates to choose from

Be assured the lastest SEO techniques will be used to get your site to the top of Google's (and other search engines) results pages for the search terms relevant to your business

We can use CMS tools such as WordPress to give you direct control over the website content. This allows you to easily change or add pages, even moderation of comments should user comments be allowed

Our database expertise allows the building of complex web applications, get in touch to talk through your requirements

Website Hosting

Purchase and host your website and email on it

We can organise purchasing your website (domain) name. And offer advice on the best domain name available for your business.

Once you have a domain name we can host your site including all content and email addresses for a small monthly fee, starting from $10 per month.

Search Engine Optimisation

Get the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) advice

We can provide a SEO consultation to assist in getting your website to the top of the search engine pages, also called natural search.

If required, with our website building expertise, we can dive straight in and make the necessary changes to your website to perfect its optimisation and dramatically improve its search engine rankings.

Google Maps and the iPhone are ensuring Local SEO is becoming more and more important. Use our expertise to drive customers local to your business to your website.

Search Engine Marketing

Use our expertise to get immediate results from Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Using our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) skills we can get your site to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo's sponsored links. Also called paid search.

We can assist with choosing your keywords (the words people type in that you want your ad and link to appear for), writing your ad copy and optimising your landing page (where people go after clicking on your ad).

You only pay for customer clicks to your site, and you can manage your daily budget. We will assist in maximising the conversion rate and hence ROI.